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Quarchon is a 2D strategy game where you commander a small fleet of spaceships on a chess-like map. Instead of instantly destroying an enemy you need to battle with it first in a 1 vs 1 fight. Each ship has it's own properties and weapons. The game is inspired by Archon: The Light and the Dark and is limited to a resolution of 64 by 64 pixels since it it submitted to the #LOWREZJAM 2017.

How To Play

First player (blue side): arrow keys and enter key
Second player (red side): WASD and left shift key

It also recognize joysticks. If only one joystick is connected, it will replace the controls of the first player. Joystick implementation is experimental and may not work properly.

Press enter or shift on an own ship to select it. Press again to deselect. There are two movement types: flying and teleport. When flying the ship will follow your cursor. When you touch an enemy you attack it. Teleporter will not follow your cursor, can move over ships and attack when you press enter/shift. You can end your move by pressing enter/shift. Each ship has it's own range.

The boss, the ship in the middle back, can execute spells. Double press enter/shift to get into the spell selection (usually this would cancel the selection). Using left/right a/d you can select a spell. Follow the instruction given after confirming with enter/shift. Spells do NOT work on power points!

How To Win?

A) Destroy all enemy ships
B) Capture all power points (the blue crystals)

Extra stuff:

Tiles can be black or white. Some tiles will change it's color over time. The color of the tile will determine the health of a ship in battle. So when you are team RED and you attack someone on a white tile, you will have a lot less health than the enemy. Remember: red likes darker tiles, blue likes lighter.

Objects floating around in the battle screen will switch between fore- and background. If they are in the background they have no collision.

summon: spawns a drone on a selected tile.
heal (2x): fully heals a ship.
teleport (2x): teleports a ship to a selected tile.
conquer (2x): paints a tile to your color.
revive: repair your last destroyed ship.
shift time: invert the day-night cycle


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Quarchon Windows 10 MB
Quarchon Universal (requires LÖVE 0.10.2) 5 MB

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